What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Photo courstesy of Jasmine Star Stock Photos

Photo courstesy of Jasmine Star Stock Photos

*Sound off* This post does not relate to me directly (everyone and their grandmother's distant cousin on their father's side knows I am in love with my job and company). However, this was not always the case; once upon I time I dreaded going into work. I know there's lots of people who still are very unhappy in their current position and I have few tips I'd love to share.

These steps may not make all your feelings go away, but I hope it makes your idea of the situation a bit better. So here it goes... 

1. Analyze WHY you're feeling this way

Set aside some "me time" and really try your best to figure out why you're feeling this way and what about your job makes you hate it exactly. Is it your management, coworkers, commute, lack of your own knowledge to produce in your role? These are all valid factors that may aid in the emotions you are having.  Knowing your why is extremely helpful, you may actually like your job just not the people this is great to know, now you are equipped with the experience to change companies doing what you actually like and being surrounded by like minded people. 

2. Change your mindset

So cliche but your mind is so powerful. I experienced the work of changing your mindset late 2016 and it really worked I was so blown away. I was unhappy with my own performances and had less than great thoughts about my work environment no one was to blame except myself. I remember on my commute home one day thinking "I want to be the change" and I did just that. It all started with my mind, I began to think positively about my circumstance and recited affirmations daily before I enter work and throughout my shift. These little changes became a big deal, my work performance sky rocketed and definitely noticed by management. I was even pulled into the office of my manager and he expressed what a difference he saw in me and wanted to know what changed - what happened. I simply replied "my mind". 


3. Prepare yourself for what will make you happy

The best way to change your life is to alter repetitive patterns. Be the change you want to see in your professional life. This means taking the steps to review your resume with a fine tooth comb. If this isn't your forte,  you can always hire someone to rewrite your resume for you.  I've made virtual connections with the owner of The Write Touch, LLC and her work is truly phenomenal, check out India's services here. Next up is LinkedIn aka the professional Facebook; before you begin your job search making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date is imperative. Many employers and recruiters actively source candidates through this social networking platform, you don't want to be behind the eight ball on such an easy fix. If you need assistance my sister blogger friend Akida Mann, Career Consultant offers services to get your LinkedIn profile up to date and more, contact her here.  If you need a complete overhaul and don't know what your career path looks like you have to check out Kimberly Brown over at Manifest Yourself, LLC find out more here. Picking out a few new work outfits won't hurt either, my favorite places to shop for work is Loft, Banana Republic and New York & Company. 

4. Be thankful that you are in fact employed 

Many people are unemployed yearning for just one opportunity. Even though you may not be satisfied in your current role, be mindful and take advantage that you are blessed enough to have a job and income coming in. At this point I think everyone knows that I've been on the unemployed spectrum and I can attest that it was not fun! Utilize the time that you are employed to search for a better opportunity for you! Remember, It may not be what you want but it's better than having nothing at all. 

I hope these tips brighten your thought process and emotions about your job. However, if you're like me and love where you are professionally I welcome you to share this blog post with someone you feel needs it <3 

Love + Light,