What's In My Travel Bag

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Last week I had the absolute pleasure of going away on the ultimate girls trip to Mexico! This was my second go round traveling to Cancun and I had an amazing time. One of my favorite parts of traveling either by air or ground is packing up my travel bag. I love being prepared and dread the "I forgot something" feeling. 

I was in great need of a new everyday bag and came across the one shown above at my local Target for only $38.99! I love the overall look and feel; it also doesn't hurt how spacious the inside is so it made the perfect carry on travel bag. On the inside I carried my traveling essentials: 

1. Money & Passport - When traveling I like to keep my cash count very low just in case a bill slips accidentally. I also like to keep a credit card on hand as well just in case of emergency. I tend to bring a credit card with the least fund limit to aid and control spending. Another handy tip is to call your credit card company a few days before your trip to ensure all transactions will process smoothly. I keep both items money and my passport in a wristlet so it's easily accessible and has enough space to hold important papers like checked baggage stubs and international documents. Inside my wristlet was also a pen, be sure to pack one for the documents that must be signed to enter both the outside country and your nation of residency. 

2. Electronics - In this day and age it's hard to travel without electronics at your hip. For this past trip I packed my iPad mini, Nikon camera, Beats headphones and my cell phone charger. Even though I had no career duties to tend to this trip I am still a student nonetheless; I used my iPad to complete assignments that were due and store books for recreational reading purposes. My camera came along for the ride to blog of course and I used my headphones to listen in on my favorite podcasts during the flight. 

3. Beauty & Hygiene - Naturally I have very dry skin (eczema to be exact) so it's important that I always pack moisturizers that are small and convenient. For my lips I keep Carmex on stand by and also my favorite MAC lipgloss (delight) if I feel the need to up the glam! Inside my bag I also have a small dove deodorant, gum, facial wipes and Nivea shea butter lotion to keep me feeling fresh. 

4. Food & Beverages - This note is quick and easy, I travel with my favorite cranberry and almond trail mix bar and a bottle of water. I don't like to travel with a heavy stomach so these two items paired keeps me feeling light and easy. 

5. Protection - It's so important to protect yourself in the airport where so many germs are present. When traveling I'm sure to keep a pack of Purell hand sanitizer wipes close to me if I feel like I've come in contact with something less than clean. I also brought socks with me, I wore slides to the airport and couldn't fathom the thought of going through security barefoot. Considering the much warmer climate I also traveled with sun block and insect repellent spray. Last but not least I brought along my favorite sun glasses to protect my eyes & allow me to catch a few Zzz's inconspicuously and Advil in case a headache popped up! 

Love + Light 


What do you pack in your travel bag? I can't wait to hear all about it. 

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