A Mexican Getaway

For the last ten months I've been unemployed (more about this later), to say I needed a getaway was an understatement. Thankfully two of my best friends Michelle & Briah and cousin Vanessa needed a trip just as much. Right now in life I feel like I have so much to be grateful for and celebrate (landed my dream tech job, birthday approaching, moving into a new townhouse, etc.) so what better way than to escape reality and let it all soak in. 

We landed in Mexico and arrived to our resort Dreams Riveria Cancun on Monday June 4, 2018 and the staff at Dreams made us feel right at home. In fact Victor said "Welcome home ladies" while handing up glasses of champagne and chilled scented white cloths to keep us cool. During this time other team members rushed to gather our luggage; their care was such a relaxing touch and definitely made me feel right at home. 

chilled cloths.jpg
Me in mex .jpg
champange mexico.jpg

Checking in was a breeze and once we entered our room it was the perfect cool temperature. We immediately changed into swimwear, took a tour of the grounds and grabbed some pina coladas! 

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Room 2.jpg

This vacation was incredibly relaxing, staff was super friendly and attentive and I literally did not have a want for anything. I stayed in the pool 90% of the time and I have no complaints, I even took a fun water aerobics class! On Wednesday we opted in to purchase excursions that included ATV riding, Zip Lining and Cave Diving.

Last year I went to Mexico and experienced ATV riding for the first time and lets just say a tree jumped in front of me haha. This time I was extra cautious, however I felt really uncomfortable. I'm learning to listen to my true wants and needs so I stopped within the first five minutes and our tour guide Remy came back to save me lol. I jumped on the back of his ATV and began to enjoy the ride! 

Zip lining was such an exhilarating experience, I was super apprehensive about my weight and the fear of falling however the harness fit fine and I was ready to zip through the jungle, out of all three excursions this is the one I was most calm ironically. 

& Then there was Cave Diving...

Initially I had absolutely no intentions on jumping 10 feet into a cave filled with 600 feet of water; I was dressed in plain clothing without a bathing suit in sight. After watching a few other people including my cousin jump into the most blue water I'd ever seen, something came over me and all of a sudden I wanted to jump too. I started taking off my glasses and shoes and handed them to Briah and I was READY! I followed the direction of Remy, stepped down to where I needed to be and then looked down and FROZE. A rush of thoughts invaded my mind and I was scared; it baffled me because just a few seconds ago I was so excited and now I contemplated if this was the right thing to do. In the midst of everyone cheering me on and counting to three from one mentally my mind left. I started thinking about how hard these last 10 months had been and how scared I really am of failing in my new life, I snapped back to reality and I heard "C'mon Niajah you can do it, lets go 1........2......" and that was it I never heard 3 I just stepped off the ledge. As soon as my feet left the board I thought "OMG I really just did it" the next thought was "OMG wait I'm still falling, I was up really high" and then I heard a loud "BOOM" I knew this was me landing in the water and I couldn't believe it was all over, I conquered my fear. I was swimming back to the top following the light and as soon as I inhaled the first breath tears began to fall uncontrollably. Everyone thought I had hurt myself but in reality I was so glad I left all of my fears behind and for the first time in such a long time I felt free. I was crying happy tears and my cousin Vanessa was right there to give me the hug I needed. If you're reading this KiKi I love you so much and couldn't have picked a better person to experience such a cleansing with.  

After my very emotional moment, we received the pictures taken and I fell out laughing. I felt silly for crying my eyes out after the fact but it happened nonetheless and I can't take it back and at this point I wouldn't for the world. I needed all those emotions to get me where I am now and even though it hasn't even been a week yet I haven't thought twice about anything I've wanted to do, I'm going after everything that I feel is mine. 

In this moment, I'm ready to take charge and dominate in every area of my new life which is partly why this blog exists. Buckle up everyone we are going on the ride of a lifetime... 

Love + Light, 


Where did you go on your last vacation?