Welcome To My Lifestyle Blog...

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I literally can not believe I'm sitting here writing my very first blog post. I've thought about this moment for years and frankly I'm just really glad to be here.

This dream began back in my senior year of high school (2012) when I was in my journalism class. I've always had a love for writing and telling stories, however after the journalism class things went to the next level. Not only did I discover a plethora of blogs I began obsessing over but I found my "voice" through articles I wrote for our high school newspaper.

Fast forward to now and the idea of producing my own content hasn't let up. In this space I will post weekly refreshing content on topics such as: 

Advice & Resources (Career, Money, Life Lessons, etc) 

Product Reviews (Household Products, Beauty, Food) 

Location Reviews (Hotel, Businesses, and Restaurants) 

Events (Weddings and Corporate Meetings)

Travel Guides 

Home Life / Story Times 

Glow: A Monthly Interview Series

I hope you're just as excited as I am and I welcome you to ask any questions or submit topics you want to read about here on niajah.com.

Ready, set, let's glow! 

Love + Light