Stepping Into Year 25


I’m starting to feel like a woman, for my entire adult life I’ve been waiting for this feeling to hit and now it’s here. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t feel like a little girl this entire time but referring to myself as a grown woman just didn’t emotionally connect until now. I’m able to support myself on my own, I have two amazing jobs, just graduated from college and a beautiful vehicle that starts every time I get inside (haha!) life is good I truly cannot complain.

This is the birthday I always dreamed of, I swore as a teenager that “When I turn 25” I’m going to have it ALL together. I’m sure most of us felt this way. While I don’t think I have it all together, I sure as heck have come a long way. This next year of life I have some major plans to kick things in gear. You may already be aware that I’m devoting more time over here on the blog. Investing in professional photography to elevate my content and expanding the horizons as far as my audience (I need more than just my facebook fam and IG loves holding me down lol) I appreciate each and every once of you however the world is missing out on all things Very Niajah.

Below I’m laying out my other top three plans to make year 25 one of a kind …

This is the birthday I always dreamed of, I swore as a teenager that “When I turn 25” I’m going to have it ALL together.

Health + Wellness

This past year has been a little concerning in the health house. Earlier this year I suffered from an Upper Respiratory Infection that lasted a little over two and a half weeks - it was insane. I’m not the one to become sick often and when I do it’s never long maybe 3-4 days max so that really threw me for a loop. Most recently during my graduation week I went to the nail salon and ended up getting a toe infection (EW!) this was just all too much and has me extremely on guard. I pride myself being so in touch with my body I know when something is wrong with a blink of an eye. As I go into this next year I definitely want to begin taking better care of my body with the help of vitamins, probiotics, diet (keto) and exercise. This will all be documented during the wellness weeks on the blog.



Not going to lie, I did myself dirty during my early twenties. I mentioned last year that credit cards are the devil and that’s the God’s honest truth. Starting from turning 20, I racked up an astounding $15,000.00 in personal debt. Since becoming fed up circa last summer I’m down to a little over $8,000 still high but seems a lot more attainable to execute. I’ve been reading The 30 Day Money Cleanse and it’s getting my money mindset together nicely.

Additionally, by 26 I plan on moving out of the nest and branching out on my own with my very first apartment. I’ll be constructing a strict budget and savings goal so that I can coast my way into living on my own. Plus your girl is going to need furniture all I have to my name is my hotel bed and TV (LOL). You guys know I love me some interior design so decorating my place is going to be so much fun we may even have to do a video series.



I don’t think it’s a secret that I don’t go out much, I’m definitely not a club type of girl but I’ve totally “X” out all events, bars and lounges over the past few years. This wasn’t on purpose but I truly believe it was the way I feel about myself physically that has kept me out the game for so long (social scene and dating scene if we’re going to keep it 100). I’m ready to have fun you guys and being 25 feels like the most perfect time to start. Even with saving money on top of mind I’m going to make it a point to go out at least once a month to engage with the outside world and travel! Who knows who I might meet - my mentor, role model and boss Victoria told me “Everything is an opportunity” and I believe her 1000%

Where are some great places to meet new people and have a great time? Let me know in the comments!

All my love,


All Photo Credit: Mama Photog