3 Things I Learned While in Jamaica


This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel again! My first trip of 2019 and I landed in sunny and culture filled Jamaica. My trip to the country that screams “One Love” was due to one of my older cousins marrying the love of her life. While I don’t have much footage to share in such a short amount of time (three days) I can honestly say I learned even more about myself and I’d like to thank Jamaica for teaching me these three solid lessons listed below:

LEss is more

I tried my hand at traveling light and avoiding the feeling of having to pack up my life just because I am away. I am in the beginning stages of becoming a minimalist so I wanted to just go with the bare necessities and it worked!. Naturally, I am a bit forgetful due to my mind racing at any given moment, having less things to worry about was such a lifesaver. It was just me and my Vera Bradley weekender bag. This bag isn’t the one I own but an updated version with new styles. I also felt more in control of my trip, I knew where everything was at the drop of a dime from my chapstick, socks for going through security and my passport.

Opening Up

Jamaican’s are such chill and laid back people (the ones I encountered at least) they made me feel at ease and encouraged me to be myself. I found that I was a bit wound up or conservative so to speak and I literally felt myself unravel and enjoy what the country and people had to offer. Back home in New Jersey I am not used to being approached by guys at all. I repeat at all, it was truly an adjustment of the attention (respectable might I add) that I received. I also learned to speak up for myself, in uncomfortable situations where I would usually just sit back and bury my emotions I branched out and spoke my mind to settle the uproar of feelings I experienced.

Speaking of opening up and playing into my outgoing side, I met some pretty amazing people en route to Jamaica, on each flight (a total of 4) I befriended my seat mates. We talked about everything under the sun or should I say next to the sun haha (get it? because I was in the sky!) When I landed in Orlando anticipating my flight back to Newark - to my surprise my flight had been delayed 3.5 hours initially I was upset then I quickly made plans to find dinner at a restaurant in the airport with my new friend Pam (hey! Pam if you’re reading!)


incorporate your health into traveling

I may be the only person who comes back from paradise feeling under the weather. As you know from my birthday post I am consciously deciding to take better care of my body. I didn’t pack any wellness items that could have potentially made me feel better. For my next trip coming up in October, I will be sure to include in my carry on Emergen-C, cough drops and anything else that sounds good for my health. Right now, my throat feels a bit better and my voice is super raspy almost completely lost.

- -

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post (i missed you all), be sure to leave me a note in the comments! Where is the last place you traveled?