Elle Vie Body Butter - A #VeryNiajah Product Review

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This past week I recieved my very first Blogger mail package! I was gifted a body butter, shea body oil and the cutest carrying case / cosmetic bag. I’m so excited to share these goodies with you so let’s jump right in!

The Butter


The body butter I received came in the scent titled “Girls Night Out”, this scent is simply to die for. At first whiff my smelling senses went wild - a soft mix of sweet and tropical with a light clean smell is how I would describe GNO. I couldn’t wait to hop in the shower and use this butter. Once I did, it did not disappoint. The consistency is of a whipped butter and when it meets your skin it literally melts into the most perfect oil like fluid. To my great surprise the butter doesn’t leave your skin sticky or too oily it’s light and provides the absolute best amount of hydration. I will definitely incorporate this product into my daily beauty routine without a doubt!


The Oil


For my entire life I’ve suffered from Eczema a common skin condition where areas of my skin become incredibly dry. Most products irritate these highly sensitive areas. Whenever I try something new I usually test it out on a dry area to see if it’s truly made of quality. A gamble I know but Elle Vie’s Shea Body Oil beat my test hands down! Much like the butter, this oil seeped through the barriers of my skin instantaneously without the heaviness or any residue left behind. I find comfort in knowing that I have a fragrant oil to use because I love smelling good and it’s also super safe for my skin as well.


The Business

Elle Vie prides their business on using natural ingredients only to ensure q u a l i ty! Elle Vie says that how we treat our skin is a representation of self love and I totally believe in love for myself and self care. I’ve completely fallen in love with this brand and I encourage you to support this very special small business by heading over to myellevie.com and picking out your very own body butter. You can also follow them on Instagram right here!

Thank you so much again Elle Vie I am simply delighted!