Being Bold in Baltimore

Whew. It’s taking me a couple of days to re-coop after all the magic that was sprinkled upon us at Dayna Bolden’s (@daynabolden) The Bold Experience. Dayna has truly captured the hearts of thousands as she show’s the world that being yourself is actually really cool. I’m still in awe that me of all people was chosen as a lucky giveaway winner to a sold out event. I would like to take this time to share with you my time in Baltimore over this past weekend.


On friday I started my day at the Shawn C. Hair Salon in Somerset, New Jersey, I was referred by my best friend and expert makeup artist Ashley Allen (@qween_ayee IG) so I trust her judgement. The time I spent with Shawn was nothing short of amazing he was so attentive, patient and his salon is breathtaking. Having the time to pamper myself before the start of a “hectic” weekend (or so I thought) was awesome and I can’t wait to get back! I'll do a proper review with pictures and all next time.

After getting a roller rod set I went off to work for a complete shift then came home grabbed my bags and off to 95 south I went…..


I arrived to Baltimore at around 1:15 am to meet my lovely new friend Akida Mann (@akidamann), we stayed at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Inner Harbor and it was smack in the middle of everything. Akida and I literally gave each other a hug as it was our first time meeting and immediately crashed into bed.

A few hours later we woke up and began to get dress, have girl chat while doing our makeup and even had an impromptu photoshoot session before valet brought us Akida’s bougie car (haha).

Photo Nov 10, 1 06 30 PM.jpg

Our hotel was super close to The Bold Experience venue (Studio 4), once we parked and walked my breath was truly taken away. Before the details, vibrant outfits, and music welcomed me it was the energy I felt. My very first thought was “Oh yeah this is going to be e v e r y t h i n g”. I was right, the amount of care that went into every thought was simply to die for. This event was sponsored by Maui Moisture and included a very inspirational key note speaker (@michelle.mckinney) who taught us all to make sure we Level UP! I felt incredibly empowered by all the women I had came in contact with. My favorite part of the entire agenda was the live interview with Dayna Bolden. Dayna is known for dropping gems and she surely did not disappointment. I was sure to write all the gems down with the cutest pen ever.

Photo Nov 10, 5 13 58 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 10, 4 39 35 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 10, 2 02 55 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 10, 4 09 29 PM.jpg

At the conclusion of the event, all attendee’s were gifted with an incredible take away bag, saying a goodie bag just doesn’t seem fitting because of all the items we recieved. It was HEAVY! I truly was not prepared of the weight all the products carried at once. After The Bold Experience, Akida and I headed off to dinner at McCormicks in the Inner Harbor then went back to the hotel to catch some Zzz’s.


Happy Birthday Akida!!! This wonderful lady's birthday was yesterday and we had quite the slow start to the morning, more girl chat and laughs we got dressed and headed off to brunch before we both hit the road to travel back home (me north, Akida south). We decided on Miss Shirley’s Cafe which is raved about from many including Dayna! The service was impeccable and our food came out fast and hot! We were both so surprised at how prompt our order made it to the table. I settled on chicken and waffles, while the birthday girl had more of a traditional breakfast.

Photo Nov 11, 2 19 14 PM.jpg
DSC_0243 (1).jpg

It wouldn’t be a true Akida and Niajah adventure without another photoshoot so we both hopped in front and behind the camera to take a few more flicks before really settling in back on 95 … I truly had a wonderful time in Baltimore, it was filled will countless motivational discussions and self reflection that I was longing for :)