My Ultimate 2019 Summer Bucket List


Omg, can we just start off with me not being able to believe that it is July. July of 2019 - I literally cannot believe we are really in the thick of summer time. Not saying that’s a bad thing either but it still seems so crazy to me. This week on the blog I’m listing out all the ways I intend to make the most of summer aside from working (getting to the $$$ bag of course). Let’s jump in (pretend this is a resort style pool)!

Attend a Soulcycle class

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

As you know I’m embarking on a healthier lifestyle to get into shape and drop some serious lb’s, I’ve been dying to attend a SoulCycle workout class. It seems super high energy and provides the results of a real workout. I’ve never done a cycling class so I’m excited to try this out. I want to first stick to a workout regimen so I can keep up in the SoulCycle class.

Bomb Staycation

Courtesy of Elle

Courtesy of Elle

Although I have plans on going out of the country to a very special wedding in August, I still want to take a couple days off and just r e l a x. Not only my body but my brain - what better way than a lovely staycation. I found a beautiful new resort down the shore in New Jersey and I’m totally going to get some R&R maybe September when everyone goes back home (haha). I truly just imagined myself living my best unplugged life on the beach, reading and finishing a great book with some lemonade or wine whichever is easiest at hand. Once I go I’ll be sure to make you all aware and provide an in depth review / guide!

Host a very niajah event

If you follow me on Instagram @veryniajah you know that a few weeks back I asked my followers if I were to host a private party at Lush who would come. To my surprise over 20 of you expressed interest in coming (thank you sooooo much!) So I’m going to go through with it! At the new location in Menlo Park Mall I’ll be hosting my very first Very Niajah Event, to include bites, bubbly and only the cutest favors! The date is to be determined but definitely going down this summer think: Late August

Spend a great weekend with family

Nothing says summer to me more than a family BBQ and trip to the waterpark. The women and men in my family were so blessed in the kitchen it’s insane. I’m proud to say that it’s being passed down to me slowly but surely. In August we are having a birthday party for my cousin at her new beautiful house and I can’t wait!!! My family will be traveling from out of state and we are going to have a ball (round 2 of my graduation party weekend!). The next day we have plans to go to Camelback beach in Pennsylvania and I can barley contain myself. When it comes to amusement parks I am such a big kid at heart. Ahhhhh!!!

Keep Killing my savings goal & paying off debt

With all this fun listed above I am still head strong about building my savings account and continuing to pay down my debt. There is a bigger picture at hand but I tend to live in the future a lot and for once I want to enjoy the moment <3

what are your summer plans / goals these next few weeks?