24 Things I Learned Before Turning 24


On June 19th I turned 24, I literally remember being 8 years old and imagining what 13 would be like. Time has truly flown and I'm blessed to see this new year of life. Throughout my short years on earth I've gone through more than most my age, however it's granted me the wisdom to discern things that is imperative for me to know so I can continue to blossom into the woman I'm destined to become. Below I'll share some key lessons that I've learned on my life journey thus far... 

1. Complaining doesn't change anything, action does

2. Know your worth, then add tax (oh hey Denisse!) 

3. Speak up for yourself - closed mouths don't get fed 

4. Not unpacking the day you get back from vacation makes life really hard  

5. The same goes for not folding your laundry

6. Procrastination will run your life for as long as you let it 

7. Remember you are always in control then drink water

8. Pay your bills on time, your credit score matters

9. Credit cards are the devil 

10. Go to the dentist even if you hate it, doctors too 

11. Car maintenance is expensive, keep a rainy day savings account loaded 

12. Travel as much as you can anywhere! Even a few towns over, I just realized how cute Westfield NJ is. 

13. Your dream job / dream company is out there find it 

14. Create multiple streams of income for yourself

15. Someone might break your heart, let them - you'll come back stronger 

16. Being let go of does suck, but better things come (people, jobs, etc...) 

17. Love the skin you're in especially the skin on your face use urbanskinRX

18. Going to church cleanses the soul 

19. Sage cleanses your energy, use all of it all the time 

20. Cleanliest is next to godliness

21. Organizing your pocketbook matters

22. School is important, make sure you're studying something you care about 

23. Laughing is medicine, true love exists and family are the very best friends you could have

24. Last but certainly not least "Cast your cares unto the Lord and he will sustain you"


What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?