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about niajah 

Hi I'm Niajah a twenty-something whose mantra of life is, "there is too much living at stake" which means to go after your heart's desire and never sweat the small stuff. I ooze good vibes + affirmations daily and I'm a lover of family, friends and frequent laugh attacks. I think flowers are pretty, but smell funny and I hope to meet Michelle Obama some day. Professionally, I am a Tech Support Engineer at an incredible technology company and Associate Planner at Victorious Events NYC! On the weekends you can catch me at our latest wedding, Target or home watching Shark Tank.



about the blog

This lifestyle blog has been dreamt about for days on end for the last six years, yes you've read that right six whole years. I hear good things take time so I'm expecting this to be great! Here on The Blog get ready for refreshing weekly content that will cover; reviews, advice, travel, faith, home life, events and everything else in between! My life's mantra has allowed me to take charge, break free and live my best life aka no more living exclusively in my head now I have a platform to pour into. I invite you to join me on this ride of a lifetime!

P.S. Please come along, I hate riding rollercoasters alone. 

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